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May 11th, 2022 by lawschoolinbrief at 1:28 pm

Megan takes her Attorney Oath in Durham. In St. Louis, Lydia wrestles with her last round of take home finals but gets distracted by the (arguably more) daunting task of finding an apartment in NYC that will be walking distance to work, is large enough, and won't cost a kidney.

Apr 11th, 2022 by lawschoolinbrief at 11:43 pm

Megan passed the bar exam!!!!!!! Her swearing in is on the horizon! Meanwhile, Lydia begins the bar process by taking the MPRE and submitting her bar exam application. Tune in for a fun convo where Lydia imitates a cat imitating a parrot...?

Mar 13th, 2022 by lawschoolinbrief at 11:36 pm

Megan took the bar!!!!!! She has all the details about what the experience and some advice for listeners. Lydia's not even close to taking the bar, but did go to Barrister's Ball, aka law school prom.

Feb 22nd, 2022 by lawschoolinbrief at 3:44 pm

Megan is taking the bar exam right now!!! In this recording from a few days ago, she shares her bar prep journey! Concern about bathroom access at the NC exam site leads Lydia to send an email to the bar examiner office on air. Huge missed opportunity to make an "It Depends" joke.

Jan 24th, 2022 by lawschoolinbrief at 3:41 pm

Lydia shares her first impressions of her last semester of classes! Megan takes the bar exam in ONE month and reports from the field.

Dec 13th, 2021 by lawschoolinbrief at 7:55 pm

Megan reports back from her graduation ceremony! Her life has quickly turned into bar prep - she shares what to expect from bar review programs and how to set up a good study space. Meanwhile Lydia is studying for exams and hiding from tornadoes in basements!

Nov 21st, 2021 by lawschoolinbrief at 1:45 pm

Megan finishes law school ON AIR!!! Lydia then asks Megan about her reflections :,).

[Episode posted very late due to Lydia's exam prep and Friendsgiving prep.]

Oct 24th, 2021 by lawschoolinbrief at 1:48 pm

After honest life updates about the emotional toll of law school, Lydia gives a presentation on the Eugenics Movement in American Legal History which she gave for class this week. Megan provides descriptions of the slides for the listening audience, or you can download the slides from the blog here:

Oct 9th, 2021 by lawschoolinbrief at 12:47 pm

Megan just submitted her bar application and demystifies the process for all! Tune in for an episode PACKED with substance aaaand one wild animal encounter.


Please send us your office chair recommendations, dear listeners!

Sep 18th, 2021 by lawschoolinbrief at 5:11 pm

Megan rehearses her 30-second professional elevator pitch. Lydia has mostly highs from the week, including a cute school locker idea. Published late, oops! Law school.

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